Started in mid 2022 and finished in Jan 2023. Reference photo was from my last trip back to village of Wabualu in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea where I grew up. The village is at the edge of a tais (garden of sago palms in the swamp).

Sun & Shadows (Wabualu Tais), 36 x 72 inches, acrylic, 2022 – AVAILABLE FOR PURHCASE


I had the opportunity to do a mural with Anthony Peña (the boy) and Weston Thomson (grids and circles). I painted the flowers. This one is located across from the elevators inside Hello Apts. Nov of 2022

“Boy with Dreams” Anthony Peña (boy), Weston Thomson (grid + circles) + Betni Kalk (florals) / at Hello Apts in Omaha


Portraits of Children and Caregivers: This new series started with a portrait of my mother-in-law and my baby in January of 2022. From an embrace to simply laying next to each other, I aim to create a large body of work that includes mothers, fathers, grandparents and other grownups with the children they care for.  If you have a moment you captured in a photo that would like me to consider painting, please email me a photo stating I have your permission to paint it along with the first names of those in the photo. Email me at
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I have a new mural located at Hello Apts for Millwork Commons in Omaha.

New Floral Mural at the Hello Apts in Omaha, 6 x 10 ft

I also collaborated with Sarah Rowe and Tyler Emery on these four.


This painting was accepted in the PACE 2022 New Masters Exhibition.

The Opening Reception will be on Friday, May 27th from 6:30-10:00 pm.

May 27, 2022 – September 30, 2022.

Portraits of my daughter Ayama and her Grandmother Elizabeth, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022, 36 x 60 inches
closeup of Ayama

I will have a painting in the Auction that supports Girl Scouts.

March 19, 2022 6:00PM – 10:00PM

See this link for more info on the event.

Night and Gnaw, 24 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

Recent Painting – Available at Bemis Auction 2021

Dandelions, 24 x 96 on 4 canvases / Acrylic

 Recent Murals

Mural on Metro’s ORBT utility box, 15th & Dodge of Downtown Omaha from 2020
Mural on Metro’s ORBT utility box, 24th & Douglas of Downtown Omaha from 2021

Community Mural Guide Project

The website is meant to be a guide to help both communities and artists collaborate  efficiently to create AWESOME murals! If you have been part of a community mural project, please send us content, advice and photos! You may also request a printed guide. Funded in part by The Dr. George F. Haddix President’s Faculty Research Fund through Creighton University

Visit the Website!

Sawiyano Project Info– info about the Digital Humanities Project to facility the Capture of Culture



Connect Gallery, Omaha
June 2019

“From the Wanderings”

Kimmel Harding Nelson Gallery, Nebraska City NE:  November 2018

DATES:  Monday, November 5, 2018 to Friday, December 21, 2018
Ama Fragments / Stained Laser Cut Wood / 18 x 24 in
Flat Current / Mixed Media and Encaustic / 16 x 20 in
Flat Current / Mixed Media and Encaustic / 16 x 20 in

“Caught in the Current”

Fred Simon Gallery, Omaha NE: July 27- Sept 21 2018

Betni Kalk – Fred Simon Artist Sneak Peak

Artist sneak peak:The Betni Kalk solo exhibition opens soon (July 27), and we thought you might like to know a bit of what you're getting into. Kalk's work comes from a variety of inspirations, and nature is a big one. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Kalk where she shares how her work reflects visual elements she finds in the great outdoors. Fred Simon Gallery is located at 1004 Farnam Street, Lower Level, Omaha.

Posted by Nebraska Arts Council on Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Of Bones & Blooms
Of Bones & Blooms / laser cut birch, stained / 58 x 26 in
On the Wings / laser cut birch, stained / 58 x 26 in
On the Wings / laser cut birch, stained / 58 x 26 in

“Search for the Sublime”

Sept 13 – Oct 10, 2017
MCC Gallery of Art and Design
829 N 204th St, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022

Search for the Sublime, Acrylic, 50 in H x 20 ft wide, 2017
Wander Don't Weep 2 / Acrylic / 80 x 50 in /
Wander Don’t Weep 2 / Acrylic / 60 x 50 in


Omaha Conservatory of Music, Collaboration with 5 music students, completed March 2018
Prospect Village, 31st & Parker in Omaha
Prospect Village, 31st & Parker in Omaha
Nelson Mandela Elementary School, Omaha NE
Nelson Mandela Elementary School, Omaha NE