2005 (Dec) ~ MFA Minneapolis College of Art & Design (painting & drawing)
2000 (May) ~ BFA University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (painting & drawing, graphic design)


2018  UPCOMING IN NOVEMBER “From the Wanderings” /// Kimmel Harding Nelson (Nebraska City, NE)
2018  “Caught in the Current”/// Fred Simon Gallery (Omaha, NE)
2017  “Search for the Sublime” /// Metropolitan Community College
(Elkhorn, NE)
2015  “From the Flood” 
/// Union for Contemporary Art  (Omaha, NE)
2014 Wanderlust” /// Alley Poyner Machiatto (Omaha, NE)
2014 “Sawiyano” Photos and Video / St Ambrose Gallery (Davenport, IA)
2012 “In the Hills & Hollows” Gallery 360 (Mpls, MN)
2010 “Caught in the Calm” Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery (Houston, TX)
2009Dusk” Gallery 360 (Minneapolis, MN)
2008 “Lingering Curses” Mina Dresden Gallery (San Francisco)
2008 “Sweetness Can Sting” Gallery 13 (Minneapolis)
2007 “Waters Will Rise & Confuse” UCR Gallery (University Center, Rochester, MN)
2007 “Because of the Curses” Hue Art Gallery (Madison, WI)
2006 “The Hero Is No Longer” Edge Art Gallery (Big Fork, MN)
2006 “Doubtful Advantage” Benedicta Arts Center (Collegeville, MN)

2019  “TBA” 3-person exhibit with Buck Christensen and Jaim Hackbart / Michael Phipps Gallery of Downtown Library (Omaha, NE)
2014 “WARPED: Historical In/Accuracy“  from Museum of Alternative History Project /// Downtown Library Gallery (Omaha, NE)
Ruckus Spring Show /// Ruckus Art Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)
2014 “Fellows of N41° 16.7531′, W095° 56.8453’ 1 | Union Fellows Group Exhibition” /// Union for Contemporary Art  (Omaha, NE)
2014“Ruckus Winter Show/// Ruckus Art Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)

2013 “Driftless/Coppock, Eck & Kalk” Living Room Gallery (Chicago, IL)
2013 ”Parts of the Whole” /// MN Center for Book Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
“How a Small Thing Can Be Pleasing: Contemporary Botanical Art” /// Living Arts & Science Center (Lexington, KY)
Ruckus Fall Show” (Opening of Gallery) /// Ruckus Art Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)
Annual Faculty Exhibit” ///  Claypool Young Gallery, Morehead State University (Morehead, KY)

2012 “Firmly Rooted” MS Rezny Gallery (Lexington, KY)
2012 “Horizon: Contemporary Landscape” /// Best in Show Award /// Danville Community Arts Center (Danville, KY)
2012 “Tri-State” // Huntington Art Museum (Huntington, WV)
2012 “Here in the Strata/Coppock, Eck & Kalk” Rowan County Art Center (Morehead, KY)

2011 “State of Drawing – Invitational Exhibition, 2011” Georgetown College Art Galleries (Georgetown, KY)
2011 “Breathing Room” Peerless (Omaha, NE)

2010 “Summer Invitational IV” Thomas Barry Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)
2010 “Re-Arted (Collaborations)” Fox Tax Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)
2010 “MCBA Jerome Fellowship Exhibition” MN Center For Book Arts (Minneapolis, MN)

2009 “Movement” Lana Santorelli Gallery (New York City, NY)
2009 “Facets: Encaustic Abstractions” Jackson Artworks (Omaha, NE)

2008 “Summer Blues” Art Gotham (New York City, NY)
2008 “Meander: 18 artists=1 collaboration” Soap Factory (Minneapolis)
2008 “Draw too: A Drawing Show in Four Acts” SooVAC (Minneapolis, MN)

2007 “Starting Small” Lana Santorelli Gallery (New York City, NY)
2007 “Ultimate Landscape” Gallery 13 (Minneapolis, MN)
2007 “Tales in Red & Pink” Mina Dresden Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
2007 “Jerome/MCBA Artists” MN Center for Book Arts (Minneapolis)
2007 “CoPA Juried Exhibit” Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (Milwaukee)
2007 “Summer Invitational” Thomas Barry Gallery (Minneapolis)
2007 “This Mango is Now an I-pod” Soap Factory/No Name Exhibitions (Minneapolis)

2006 “Untitled 5” Soo-Vac Gallery (Minneapolis)
2006 “Be Girl B” Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis)
2006 “Art by Design” Minneapolis Foundation (Minneapolis)

2005 “December MFA Thesis Exhibition” Main Gallery, MCAD (Minneapolis)
2005 “8 Counties, 11th Triennial Exhibition” John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI)
2005 “The Intimate Gallery” Gallery 148, MCAD (Minneapolis)
2005 “City Seen” Minneapolis Foundation (Minneapolis)
2005 “Right to Print” Concourse Gallery, MCAD (Minneapolis)
2005 “Recent Works” Spy House (Minneapolis) 2005
2005 “Made @ MCAD” Main Gallery, MCAD (Minneapolis)

2004 “Draw” Soo-vac Gallery (Minneapolis)
2004 “One Night Only” Basement Gallery (St. Paul)
2004 “Recent Landscapes” Philip’s Garden (Minneapolis) 2004
2004 “S(H)E: You Paint Like a Girl” Gallery 148, MCAD (Minneapolis)
2004 “MCAD@FO” Fallout Art Center (Minneapolis)
2004 “4 Women: Group Show” Fallout Art Center (Minneapolis)

2001 “Light for Darkness” Marian Gallery (Milwaukee) 2 person show
2001 “Cornerstone 2001” with Artrageous (Chicago)
2001 “10th Triennial 8 Counties Exhibition” John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI)

2000 “-Ting” at the Union Art Gallery (Milwaukee)
2000 “Cornerstone 2000” with Artrageous (Chicago)
2000 “The Order of Things” at RAW/Riverwest Artworks (Milwaukee)

G R A N T S / A W A R D S / R E S I D E N C I E S
2017 Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts – Residency
2016 CURAS Summer Faculty Research Fellowship
2013 Fellowship at Union for Contemporary Art, Omaha NE
2012 Creative Production Grant, Morehead State University
2011 Aspen Guard Station Artist in Residence Program
2010 Sitka Center Artist Residency /// New York Mills Cultural Center Artist Residency
2009 Minnesota Center for Book Arts & Jerome Foundation Fellowship /// Artist at Pine Needles
Residency Program through Science Museum of MN
2008 Anderson Center Residency
2007 Minnesota State Arts Board Grant
2006 Minnesota Center for Book Arts & Jerome Foundation Mentorship Grant

P U B L I C     A R T     P R O J E C T S
Below is a list of murals in public spaces but other murals have also been a part of exhibitions in gallery spaces.

2014 Mural, Union for Contemporary Art:

Collaboration with Alicia Reyes McNamara
Completed in May 20142011 Mural, On the Canal in Downtown Indy- under New York St Bridge / Commissioned Arts Council of Indianapolis
I painted and completed a mural for the city of Indianapolis between mid September and the end of October – down at the canal, under the New York Ave bridge. It is 82 x 12 feet. The design was accepted in May. //// The 46 for XLVI program is a partnership between the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the City of Indianapolis. 46 for XLVI was created to elevate the arts and culture of the City in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI. Over the course of the program 21 artists (both local and national) will create 46 murals around Marion County.

Design for Silo / Commissioned by Emerging Terrain / Omaha, NE
Emerging Terrain’s project “Stored Potential” is a large-scale installation covering the silos of a vacant grain elevator near downtown Omaha, Nebraska in order to reposition the structure in the landscape. This second set of designs have subject matter to initiate conversation about the fused nature of transportation and transport in relation to the grain elevator, the citywide hiking trail (once rail) it terminates, and the 76,000 vehicles passing it each day on the cross-continental Interstate 80.    /////    My multi-layered interpretation of the theme of intertwines the networks of constructed roadways in Omaha with ‘transport‘ formations of ant trails – the resulting image is a visualization of the similarity and interconnection between human and natural realms of movement. The honeycomb form of ‘food storage’ layers yet another important process into the overall image and idea. All these networks represented here at similar scale blurs the hierarchy of our often competing worlds and renders them equal in importance.

2008 Mural, Commissioned for Interior for Zella’s Restaurant / Hutchinson, MN

Mural, Commissioned for Interior Retail area of Braggame Rights / Duluth, MN
2007 Mural, Commissioned for Interior office of Forecast Public Art / Minneapolis, MN

Mural at 26 & Bloomington Ave / Funded by Grant from MN State Arts Board / Minneapolis, MN

Mural at 28 & Bloomington Ave / Funded by Grant from MN State Arts Board / Minneapolis, MN

2005 Mural on Side & Back of Soovac Gallery / Minneapolis, MN